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To pay off debts, reform your home or go on vacation, Payroll Loan helps you in what you need most.  

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The ABC Payroll Deduction Loan is ideal for you to:

Get rid of high interest
rates on other debts
Pay unexpected
Renovate your
house or apartment
Take a
trip or course
Use it
as you like it
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    Fast, easy, and uncomplicated

    • Lower interest

      Loan at lower interest rates that other credit facilities.

    • Convenience

      Fully digital contract available 24/7 with the security you deserve.

    • Practicality

      You don’t have to worry about anything. Each installment will be deducted directly from your payroll.

    • Readiness

      After the contract is formalized, the credit is made available within 1 business day in the account of your choice.

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    What is a Payroll Deduction Loan?

    It is a loan in which the installments are deducted directly from your payroll.

    This allows Banco ABC Brasil to offer you, if you are an employee of a partner company, a lower interest rate and affordable installments.

    Make your plans come true and reduce your debt

    Replace the high interest rates on your overdrafts, credit card, and other debts with the lower rates of the ABC Brasil Payroll Deduction Loan.

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    How it works

    Are you an employee of a Banco ABC Brasil partner company?
    If you are, see below how fast it is to apply for your loan and reorganize your financial life.


    Enter the loan amount and select the number of installments according to the limit available to you.


    Upload the scanned documents and fill in the required details for loan analysis and approval.

    Contract signature

    After analysis and approval, the Bank Credit Note will be available for electronic signature.

    Money available

    That’s it! The loan amount will be available in the account of your choice within 1 business day.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is a Payroll Deduction Loan?

    A payroll deduction loan is a type of loan in which the installments are automatically deducted directly from the salary. Therefore, it offers one of the lowest interest rates in the market.

    What are the benefits of a Payroll Deduction Loan?

    The main benefits of a payroll deduction loan are lower interest rates than other credit facilities, ease of contracting, and convenient choice of payment term. In addition, it offers the security of installments limited to 30% of the net salary, which is ideal for those looking for a more sensible and smoother borrowing.

    Who can take out a ABC Brasil Payroll Deduction Loan?

    Anyone who works under the Consolidation Labor Laws (CLT) regime in companies that have a Payroll Deduction Loan partnership agreement with Banco ABC Brasil.

    How do I know if my company has a partnership agreement with ABC Brasil?

    To find out if the company you work for has a partnership agreement with Banco ABC Brasil, contact your HR area.

    How do I take out an ABC Brasil Payroll Deduction Loan?

    Se você trabalha em uma empresa conveniada, faça sua simulação agora mesmo acessando É simples, rápido, seguro e 100% digital.

    How soon will the loan amount be available in my account?

    After your payroll deduction loan contract is formalized, you will receive the loan amount in your preferred account within 1 business day.

    What is Payroll Deduction Loan portability?

    Credit portability is the possibility of transferring an outstanding credit agreement to a financial institution other than the one in which the transaction was originally contracted upon the client’s request.

    What does the client need to do to transfer his debt to another institution?

    First, ask the financial institution with which you have the credit transaction for the following information: (1) contract number and type, (2) updated debit balance and statement of its history, (3) payment system, (4) annual notional and actual interest rate, (5) amount of each installment, (6) last due date, (7) total and remaining term, and (8) payment system.

    Are there costs and fees for portability?

    The client will not bear costs or fees related to the exchange of information and transfer of funds between institutions. There is also no Tax on Financial Transactions (IOF) on transactions arising from portability.

    Importantly, the client should request the amount of the Total Actual Cost (CET) of the new transaction in order to ensure that portability is actually advantageous.

    Can the client cancel portability?

    Yes. The cancellation of credit portability is a right of the client and can be done at least 1 day before the date of transfer of funds between institutions.

    What is the deadline for formalizing portability?

    Within 5 business days from the date of receipt of the request file from the original lender institution to the proponent institution.

    What is the Credit Information System (SCR)?

    How to access the Registrato System?

    The first step for accessing the system is to access the Registrato page on the Central Bank website and select to register as an individual or as a legal entity. Upon selecting the desired option, you will be redirected to the next page, where you must select the option “Get a security phrase” (“Obter frase de segurança”).

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    The Banco ABC Brasil private payroll deduction loan is subject to registration approval, credit analysis, and other product terms. The client must have a payroll deduction lending limit of up to 30% available, either individually or in combination with other payroll deduction loans, with his Banco ABC Brasil partner employer. The simulation conditions available on this page are valid for a limited period and may be revoked and/or changed by Banco ABC Brasil at any time without prior notice.